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Our Story


 It was always Tracy's dream to open an establishment like Taps & Corks. Going on mini road trips to local craft breweries was always one of her favourite things to do on weekends. It was always something special for her and her wife Andee to do to meet new people and spend time together. 

In 2018 Tracy and Andee's lives were turned upside down after a they found out Tracy had breast cancer. It was a tough year as Tracy went through surgeries, chemo and radiation but Andee was by her side through it all. Even throughout treatments Tracy and Andee still found time to spend together and have a pint of a new craft beer.


After Andee surprised Tracy with a trip to Edmonton they fell in love with a place called the Beercade. The Beercade had arcade games but also a huge wall of what looked like 70 craft beers on tap. They were shocked that they could have all the craft beers they went on road trips for in one spot. They wanted a place like this of their own and the idea of Taps & Corks was born. They wanted to have something 'like a café but with beer' they described. Tracy wanted to bring to the community what her and her wife loved for so long and sample beers from all over without having to go very far. Once she was cleared and cancer free, they needed to bring this to their own community.


Tracy got through it all and kicked cancer's butt with the support from her family and then they set on their way to make their new dream come true. Less than a year of being cleared they have now opened their new dream.